This area is used to add an introduction paragraph to your survey. Your introduction can be as long as you'd like. However, as shorter surveys get better response rates, we'd suggest keeping your intro short and direct.
SECTION HEADERS. Great for breaking up larger surveys in readable groupings.
TEXT PARAGRAPHS. And it's also easy to add text paragraphs not connected to any questions. Use them for specific instructions or any way you find them useful.
MULTIPLE CHOICE HORIZONTAL. You can choose to display your answer options vertically or horizontally.
MULTIPLE CHOICE VERTICAL W/MIN & MAX. Multiple choice questions can specify a maximum and minimum of answers to be well as an "other" catchall..
(choose 1 - 2 )
GRID/MATRIX QUESTION STYLE. A grid/matrix question is a great way to combine many single OR multiple choice questions using the same rating scale or answer options.
  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor
Marketing Department
Human Resources Department
Payroll and Accounting Department
New Business Unit
SINGLE CHOICE, VERTICAL & REQUIRED. This question is single choice, displayed vertically. And it's also required which means that your survey participants are required to answer this question before submitting their survey. (Required)
SINGLE CHOICE, HORIZONTAL. Another single choice question, horizontally...
DROP DOWNS. Drop down questions are useful when you are trying to conserve space..
LIST BOXES. There's a listbox option...
OPEN-ENDED TEXT QUESTIONS. Ask for open-ended text questions..and make the text entry box whatever size you need..multiple lines or just one.
ADDRESS & "SPECIAL" QUESTION FORMATS. Sometimes you may need to ask a question requesting specific information such as an address or an email address. Beeliner's "special" question formats provide pre-set formatting options that allow you to collect the data that you need in a clean, clear format.
At this point in the survey, you can customize your closing text. Also note that if you select to do a survey in another language the submit button will be translated into the language that you selected.