You have complete control over how your survey looks. Choose from 4 different layout styles as well as over 20 color palettes. Add your logo or a graphic to further brand your survey.
This is a single choice question that I've chosen to display vertically and add an "other" option to. (Required)
Again another single choice but displayed horizontally.
Use a drop down when you want to save space on your survey.
Use a variety of multiple choice questions AND set minimum and maximize answer selections.
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This is a matrix/grid style question. Use this type when you have multiple, short questions with the same answer scale. Matrix style questions can be either multiple choice OR single choice.
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Human Resources
Team Communication
Add a free text question whenever you want. All questions can be designated as "REQUIRED." I made this one required so you can see how it works. Type anything here to see how this feature works before you press the submit button below. (Required)
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